May 102011

This weekend the Texas Rangers will lock horn with the Los Angeles Angels. As these teams are fighting for the top spot in a crowded American League West Division, this should be an exciting series. In this series the Rangers will be the home team.

For the Rangers the home field advantage could prove to be the difference in this series. Even though they have posted a 12-7 record while at their home field, they have been a very poor team playing away from their home field. The Angels are a solid road team as this being said. This season they have already collected 12 wins on the road. With a 20-15 record they are atop the division. At 18-17 on the season the Rangers are tied for 2nd place.

While the Rangers are at 30-1, MLB Odds have the Angels at 20-1 to win the World Series.

Because of the Angels’ stellar starting pitching, they have had so much success on the road this season. Between Jered Weaver and Dan Haren, they have two of the best pitchers in the Major Leagues. They have a shot at going the distance and shutting out their opponents, each time that these pitchers take the mound.

In this series the Angels will be fortunate to have both of these pitchers take the mound. Early in their starts the Rangers will need to jump on both of these pitchers. As they go deeper into games they tend to get stronger.

In opposition to a dominant defense this will be a matchup of a dominant offense. When the series is over the winner of this series could end up as the top team in the division. In online free picks, the Texas Rangers are favorites to win this match.